Saturday, May 12, 2012

teacher appreciation

"Our Teacher is Dino-mite!"

last week for teacher appreciation i did several cute projects with pumpkinbutt and his class.
the first was a dinosaur and flowers theme of "our teacher is dino-mite".  i made a corsage (seen above) for the teacher to wear. it is comprised of the finest flowers and dinosaurs from $ tree and some scrap book paper from joanns.   i also decorated a thrift store vase to match and the kids brought flowers to put in it.

the next theme was "we are so fortunate to have you as a teacher".  i bought a large plain plastic take out box from michaels and asian-fied it . i decorated the front with a print-out in a "chinese takeout" font and glued chop stick wrappers along the edge.  inside were long strips of paper (fortune-like) with dragons stamped on the ends where the children wrote why they like their teacher or something they learned from her.  we called them "fortunates". i also sent in some fortune cookies for the whole class to share.

the last theme was "we are nuts about our teacher".  i decorated a plastic tub with a cute squirrel with nuts image and asked that the kids bring in nut related items to give to her....candy with nuts, mixed nuts, circus peanuts...anything with nuts. one kid put in a picture of george washington carver! i made some chocolate covered peanuts that we put in a little brown paper bag with an image of a peanut that pumpkinbutt glued googly eyes on.

on the classroom door we continued with the nut theme.  i had the kids color an image of a squirrel with an acorn and some clusters of nuts. i rolled long sheets of newsprint and hot glued it to the background in a tree and branch shape and then attached their colorings.
on the tree i added a carving with the teachers initials.
the kids and i had a really good time making and planning the week and the teachers really loved it!

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