Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Krispy Skremes!

I collect a lot of junk...and I don't mean that in the cool-kid way of saying it's vintage stuff.  I mean I collect trash. As seen below, the card board boxes that krispy kreme doughnuts come in:

I am not sure when they started making Halloween themed boxes, I noticed them 3 years ago and thought I should start a "collection".  

This year's box is by far the best yet (seen below)!  The box is able to be cut into a puppet Monsterpiece Theatre!

On the bottom of the box is more cool stuff and a website to upload your own monster movie!
The  Krispy Skremes website is super cute too!  Free coloring sheets and other activities.  But the coolest thing is the last link for seeing what other Krispy Kreme websites in other countries are doing for Halloween. Australia has a doughnut with cotton candy right now and UK has a salted caramel and this:
Hand dipped in orange icing, topped with chocolate popping candy and filled with smooth orange Kreme"

Below are doughnuts from Korea.. Note the skeleton skull ones !!!

 Here is one of three free printable coloring sheets: CUTE!
Seeing all of these neat packagings and displays from other countries only makes this trash collecting seem even more tempting!  

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