Friday, October 26, 2012

Mad Scientist Toxic Slime !

Last week, I hosted the Make and Take at our public library!
Pumpkinbutt and I dressed up like Mad Scientists and taught everyone how to make their own vial of Radiation Run Off Toxic Slime.

The marquee!  So official! I felt like a celebrity!

I was able to obtain medical supplies from work and then added printed images/labels I found on the internet to make them more "mad scientist-ish". All the kids got Mad Scientist badges to wear also.

Infectious Substance= green food dye.  I made sure to don my latex gloves as part of the show while placing the drop into the vials.  I made sure to say things in reference to the toxic components burning a hole through the table, so be sure to handle them carefully.

While waiting for all the kids to arrive, I had prepared printed out coloring sheets for them to draw and design their own evil specimens (color sheet found here ).  I put the crayons in a medical sharps container. 

Here I am measuring out Contaminated Water for a young Mad Scientist. 

On the back of the coloring sheet, I made a list of scientific instructions and calculations for making the Toxic Slime.  The real recipe is below.  I found it in a wizard party planning book last year while preparing the potions class for Pumpkinbutt's Harry Potter Party.

We all had such a fun time at the Make and Take! I was happy that they let me do it and really excited that they asked me to host another in the summer as part of a Science Education grant they were awarded.


Holly Hall said...

How cool! I'll bet Pumpkinbutt is the envy of all his friends for having such an awesome mom. I'm glad the library will be having you back, too!

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Thanks Holly!