Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Disney World Hollywood Studios 50's Cafe

We just got back from Disney!  We made reservations a couple of months ago to save us a seat at the 50's Prime Time Cafe in Hollywood Studios.  The entire restaurant is made to look like a home from the mid century.  The "Lounge" area is the living (waiting)  room:

The front entry is a perfect replica of a 50's kitchen:

At my table, some of the vintage (not reproductions)  knick knacks (all are glued down to the shelves..I checked):

Here are a few additional images of the interior, for your viewing pleasure, that I found on the nets: 

Hey, look! It's our table (below)!

Here is a really nice, clean shot with no annoy people in the photo:
The waiters/waitresses introduce themselves as Aunt Linda or Cousin Lou.  They also treat you like family, as in if you are naughty and don't eat your veggies they will help you by feeding them to you.  We behaved ourselves but while we were there a few folks got put in the corner and had to help clear their table!

I saw somewhere that if you don't finish your veggies, they bring them back to you as the "dessert" with whipped cream on top....hopefully they don't force you to eat that!

Super fun and wonderful atmosphere!

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