Thursday, March 07, 2013

Lord of The Rings Party Part III

Part III and the final installment in Pumpkinbutt's Lord of The Rings 9th Birthday Bash.
On to the Prancing Pony for food and cake!

 PB had 2 cakes.  The first cake was topped with his shire lego set accompanied by sparkler candles.  The other cake was of The Ring.  I had planned on having someone dress up as a Ringwraith and try to steal the ring (cake) but decided against it because these hobbitses are wild...and they were equipped with plastic swords.... and they may have hurt the poor Ringwraith.  I made the ring cake by baking a cake in a ring form and then covering it in fondant that I tinted goldenrod yellow, orange-brownish icing for the elvish markings, and then sprayed the whole thing in gold metallic aerosol food coloring (great for covering flaws!).

For the Prancing Pony Buffet, I had several hobbit sized foods along with ones inspired from the movies/books.
"What's taters (tots) Precious?"

Frodo Fingers (Cocktail Sausages) 
Remember when Gollum bit Frodo's finger off?! There's some ketchup around here somewhere...
(They also ate with little mini bamboo picks that I called Hobbit forks.)

Dead Marshes Dip
(blue corn tortilla chips and guacamole) 

Council of Elrond
(E.L.Fudge cookies..get it? Elf cookies?)

They also had strawberries and cream ("Do you remember the taste of strawberries?"),  hobbit sized chicken legs, mini pinwheel sandwiches, grapes, baby carrots and bugles (Dwarf horns).

For libations, the hobbitses had a choice of Orc Brew (root beer) or Hobbit Ale (ginger ale).
PB drank out of his collector Lord of the Rings glass seen to the left.

As part of the conclusion to the celebration we erupted a miniature Mount Doom volcano...

 Then for the finale, we set off Galdolf inspired Fireworks! 
We even had one called the "White Wizard" with illustrations of "Gandulf, Frodu, and Legulos"....

We got sparklers for the kids...but decided these wild hobbitses would have burned the neighborhood down so those stayed hidden away.

I scavenged thrift stores for 2 months collecting fabrics and items to use as decor.  The main table cloth was a brown bed skirt with brown and gold tapestry bottom panels and gold tassels and fringe.  The food containers were various thrifted baskets with bits of ivy leaves attached (from dollar tree). I printed out covers of vintage LOTR books which I attached to green construction paper and hung up everywhere.  I made several fabric buntings (inspire by Bilbo's b-day party decor) that hung on the Prancing Pony deck. Also made a few extra Orc faces with party hats on that filled out the railing of the deck.

Breaking the party details down into smaller posts made writing it manageable. May consider posting about his other parties.    

Wheww... it's done. What will next year be?


Anonymous said...

You rock. What a great Mom.

my house is cuter than yours said...

thank you!

Rebecca B said...

I've been searching for ideas & I have to say your party is certainly one of magnificence! Great ideas!
Our favorite is the taters labeled "PO TAY TOES"