Friday, March 29, 2013

Panama City Beach Goofy Golf

 This week was PB's spring break and we did our best to fill it with as much fun as possible.  One place we went was to the Panama City Goofy Golf.  Not the best of ideas to go to PCB during Spring Break. But luckily for us,  those young drunken fools are not into Goofy Golf and we had the place to ourselves!  PB bought himself a putter from a thrift a few months back and has been practicing up for this adventure.
 He took it all very serious.  Even wore his "golfer's hat"...and threw a few tantrums, turning some of the holes from par 2 to par 10.

Some of our favorite things there....
 the giant monkey with red glowing eyes...some one had left an offering of real bananas in his upturned palm.

 Walk like an Egyptian!

The big purple dinosaur, was getting a new do. Here he is all primed up.  You can go inside him too! 

 Mr. Goofus McGolf (not sure if that is his real name...just made one up) 
He looks like he has a rusty nose ring. He is hard core.

 The last hole of Course 2. Behind the bars about 3 feet back is a concrete frog with his mouth open that sits a foot or so off the ground...very dark inside so no picture.  But the "catch" here is that if you golf your ball right into the frog's mouth...a loud celebratory bell rings out and...

Guess what!?

For more of my Panama City Goofy Golf  adventures click here.  You can see the inside of the purple dinosaur if you do!

and here is a post from us going to Adventure Golf in Pigeon Forge a few years is very Goofy Golf-esque.

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