Monday, April 29, 2013

Party Cut-Up Cakes

 I  L*O*V*E those little cook booklets with coconut cut-up cakes!  My Memaw was clearing out some of her old cook booklets and passed several down to me.  This one was my favorite! It was produced by Baker's Coconut and Dream Whip circa 1967. I scanned a few of the cutest ones:

Bow Tie Bunny
I think we will be making him for Easter next year.  He has such a sweet goofy expression in his marshmallow and red candy eyes! I don't see "bow tie" though.  It looks more like his chest and arms with him springing from a jack in the box.

Spot the Fox Terrier
I don't think a cake has ever been made based on a fox terrier but this guy is precious.

Myrtle and Milton Mouse
Not many couple mouse cakes out there. Application for these could be engagement party, birthday for boy/girl twins, valentine's day....I guess. Someone wanting to press their luck could tint that toasted coconut black and....well, have a "Mikey and Minky Mouse" cake set.

Mr. Snowman
Not a very original name but this guy is my favorite in the booklet. Super simple cut-out but super freakin' cute I can't stand it. Sooooo making him for christmas this year. The cut-out shape also reminds me of a robot.

Ella Elephant
She has pink gum drop toe nails!

Dandy Lion Cake
This guy has got such personality he looks like he could have his own TV show and breakfast cereal made after him.

Jerry Giraffe
Cheek pinch-able cuteness. Love the extra touch of the licorice and gumdrop tree.


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