Thursday, April 18, 2013

West Bend Buffet Patio Server

Many years ago,  in one of my old cookbooks, I found a lovely image of this exact buffet-patio server/bean pot... It  was shown among a table buffet, not the center of attention, but beautifully standing out regardless. It has been an object of my desire ever since. Now and again I would find one at a thrift, maybe missing the lid or the graphic was nearly worn away but certainly did not have the shiny chrome heating element (I actually didn't realize it came with one).  However these were not good enough.  I waited.... and alas...this bean pot was stitting on a shelf in the thrift...waiting for me as well! I don't think it has never been used. Original box, complete with heating element and cord (still wrapped as seen on the box) recipe guide (all dating 1969) and even:

 Inside the crock are the "packed by" stubs!

So what to do with this lovely jewel ?... because I despise baked beans.... Consult the included recipe, suggestion and care booklet! 

 First off, this " New idea electric helper keeps hot foods at serving temperature". So "Convenient for serving prepared foods such as potato salad, casserole dishes, canned foods (chili, beans, spaghetti, stews, vegetables, fruits), barbecue sauces, hot pudding sauces and soups."
There are a few recipes sans beans. Shown above is the server in action with spaghetti and meat balls.  It can also be used as a crock pot with a recipe for Mexican-Style Chili.  Put beans and water in and cook overnight. Add all other ingredients and cook for another 2 hours.  I don't know how safe I feel running this thing overnight with no supervision other than my smoke detector (with no batteries in it) to babysit. Other recipes include: Hot Potato Salad, Beef Stew, Split Pea Soup,Vegetable Chowder, and Prunes Norwegian style.  May have to try that last one out of curiosity. 
But the best thing you can use this gal for is Keeping your Weiners Warm! 

I love that idea the best!

I have yet to venture toward plugging the server in.  Partly from apprehension that it make spark and bring the curtains down in a blaze.  The other part is what if it doesn't work at all. That would be disappointing as well.   But the crock is cute and useful in it's self...I am sure it can keep my weiners warm without electricity.


jungle dream pagoda said...

It's the old "If you can dream it's at a will come" using "the secret " to thrift!!!!!
Still wish you could get an Instagram !!!! Hugz~

my house is cuter than yours said...

I know what you mean...just need patience...years of patience sometimes.

Long Water Farm said...

I also found the same bean pot at the Thrift Store! I saw it at the end of one season and regretted not getting it. When they reopened for the next season, it was still on the shelf. I Love It! I think mine is brand new as well. I'm using it today, so far, so good.

*The word verification duplicated my post

alice mcgough said...

Scored one at the Goodwill in Palm City, Fl (A meca of mid century stuff from old snow birds). Anything 50s makes me want to pop a Valium and make some jello. Guess I'll just make some weenies on the back porch with a fire extinguisher close by.