Sunday, April 07, 2013

DIY Mini Goofy Golf

We've got Goofy Golf madness lately.  There are 3 courses in our area, all dating from the 1950's.  The closest one is all locked up and abandoned :(.  The others are a bit of a pilgrimage to get to, being in Panama City and Fort Walton Beach,Fl.
Last week we traveled several hours to go to the mothership of them in Panama City.  To keep our addiction at bay we pulled out our mini golf sets (bought at dollar tree several years ago) and built our own course!

Halloween  Spooky Town....Par 2

Cowboy and Indian Pow Wow.....Par 2

Dinosaur Invasion....Par 2

Corral....Par 2

We have come up with several other hole themes involving tiny toys and things that are around us in the past....Snakes, Alligators, Star Wars, Mexico, Roosters and chickens, Tiki, Octopus, Bonsai, Spacemen, Skeletons, Robots and Virgin Mary (made from little religious plastic statues).  Endless!


jungle dream pagoda said...

Love that you are still being you!!!! I vote for the tiki set up!

my house is cuter than yours said...

possibilities are endless! Tiki will have to be part of the next set.