Sunday, October 27, 2013

Fun for Halloween!

"Crayola windows" must have been an idea submitted by a Crayola Maker that hated his mother, other children, and maybe even furniture. Hear me out....  Children, rub the entire surface of a piece of paper with ANY available household oil!  There's motor oil in the garage! Why not?  And then tape it on a window.... sorry but tape is not going to stick to oil. And guess what! That greasy mess is going to slide down the window and on to the sofa.  Mother is going to be so thrilled!

But "Crayola Ghosts" is an awesome idea and I would enjoy doing that one myself.  A fun twist would be to have each child in a classroom draw a ghost and write a spooky message with white crayon on white paper.  Then have them collected, mixed up and passed back out.  Each child would then apply black water color paint to reveal their surprise ghost and secret note.

I am not going to comment on "Scare Faces" other than .......lame.

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