Monday, March 31, 2014

Pop! Pow! Snacks and Cake!

Refreshments for the Super Heroes at PB's Vintage Comic Book 10th Birthday Bash!
Atomic Popcorn...Comic Book Cake.
I got a super cool space age looking vintage corn popper off of etsy just for this party.
I figured the kids have never seen anything but a microwaved paper bag of popcorn before so this was kind of a side fun thing for them to marvel upon.

I could not find popcorn bags that I liked for whether reason of price, size, or style so I kinda made my own.  I bought regular white lunch bags and cut part of the top off with pinking shears.  I printed out and glued on the "POP" image and stamped a few small stars.  

For snacks, we had a Popcorn Bar with several different things to add in.  Some examples were more savory like puffed gold fish crackers and cheese balls or sweet, like Junior Mints and churros snacks.  We also had pizza bites and fresh fruit to offer.

The Comic Book Cake!
PB designed his own cake this year using fondant and food markers.  He drew a comic of his own creation with a birthday greeting.
It is hard to read it in the picture below but it says:  
Did I hear something?
I heard someone say....
Happy Birthday!

 The character in the comic is his own, "Bugman".

Here are the super heroes winding down with some snacks in the Bat Cave while watching the Adventures of Superman.

Next up .... Comic Book Ad Mail Order Goodies!

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