Friday, March 28, 2014

Pow! Bam! Vintage Comic Book Bday Party Activities!

Activities and Challenges abound for PB's 10th Birthday Party!
When the Super Heroes first arrived to the "Fortress of Solitude" they designed their own Super Hero gear.
 I purchased 10 solid color t-shirts from a thrift.  I then freehand cut the back and neck hole out to form a cape shape.  I also cut out, from old scrap white tees, circle and shield shapes that I sewed on the backs.  I had a huge stash of fabric markers on hand for the Heroes to draw out their Super Hero logo.

 The Super Heroes also drew their design on Super Power Wrist Cuffs.  These were made from TP rolls that were covered in the left over t-shirt material.  Everyone wrote their Hero name on "Hello, My name is...." stickers to wear.

The first matter on hand was to expose the Heroes to a radioactive chamber to boost up their powers.
 Each Hero announced the powers he would like to have and made a pass through the chamber.  When on the other side, the Super Heroes became super charged! 
The chamber was made from a large washer box spray painted silver with other odds and ends glued down to it.  On the inside we attached several black lights and hooked up the fog machine for extra effect.

Once the Super Heroes were geared up and charged up, then came the challenges!

Save The Citizens in Peril!
 For this game, the Heroes were divided into two groups. On the city-scape towers were many Citizens in Peril (images of lego minifigs) hanging on for dear life in the windows.
A Hero from each team pulled a card from an envelope that reveled which Citizen they had to save.  The two Heroes then dash out into the city to perform the rescue. Who ever found their citizen first, won. 

We made the city towers from cardboard boxes originally containing  fluorescent lighting tubes.  The boxes were covered in paper and spray painted with a few shades of grey.   The windows are cut squares of black construction paper hot glued down.  I wanted to add red and yellow tissue paper coming out of the bottoms like flames but ran out of time.  To keep the boxes from falling over during the mad dashes, jabbed into the ground inside the boxes were tiki torches (sans oil container).

 Spiderman Webslinger!

 For this game each Hero had to practice their Spiderman webslinging capabilities using silly sting.  Each Hero had to stand at a certain distance and announce which villain he was aiming for and go for it.

To make this game, we bought several cans of silly string from dollar tree and covered the cans in red paper with black spiderwebs drawn on it.  We found images of vintage Spiderman comic Villains on the nets which we printed out, and attached to pieces of those plastic  "Vote for ________" signs.  I cut around the Villain and jabbed a wooden chop stick into the inside of the plastic sign material.  

 Hulk Smash!

 For this challenge, the Heroes got to SMASH!

 To make this game, PB and I gathered a wall full of boxes.  We laid out masking tape to form a brick pattern and then spray painted them brown.  The kids loved this game!  10 year old Hulk Heroes love to smash stuff.  

 Kyrptonite Deactivator!

 For this challenge, the Heroes had to use special Deactivator grabbers to snatch up Kryptonite rocks and place them into lead deactivator containers.  They were again split into two groups and in a mad dash grabbed up all the rocks they could til none were left.  The catch is there are 19 rocks so someone will at least have one more rock than their opponent, thus making them the winner. 

 Here we see PB, as his comic book hero he invented, Bugman, challenging "The Fox".

To make the Kryptonite for this game, I wadded up newspaper and then covered the outside with aluminium foil, which I then spray painted green.  The grabbers are those grabbing arms "As seen on TV" that we added metal tubing and a black duct tape covered soda can  for more atomic hero appeal.  The metal wash tubs are things we just have laying around.

And now for the EVIL!
The Heroes had a real life Villain, Doc Ock, to battle!
The Heroes were given ping pong balls that they had to toss into the cups at the end of Doc Ocks' tentacles.
Total pandemonium... those goggles were not there just for show!

We made the Doc Ock outfit from an old black back pack, metal tubing, paper cups and some duct tape.

Next up in the Vintage Comic Book B-Day party postings...cake, space age popcorn and comic book mail order goodies!

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