Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Pow! Zap! Vintage Comic Book Birthday Party!

PB just turned 10!!!
The chosen party theme this year was Vintage Comics and Super Heros.  
PB saves all his money and buys 1940-60 comics on ebay along with reading and checking out information from the library on the subject...he even has invented his own super hero called "Bugman", who stars in the comics that he writes and draws himself.  He watches the original "Adventures of Superman" with George Reeves on a daily basis. You may remember his brush with a Superman celebrity here.
A 10th Birthday Party kinda has to be a "Kapow!" anyway so through a series of several posts I will cover all of the aspects!

Starting first with the invitation.
I had the idea to make it like the fun membership club packet that kids would have gotten in the mail during the 50's-60's.
 I bought brown envelopes and glued copied images on the front.  The address section was a copy of an club order form from a vintage comic.

Inside was all the items that would have come with a real membership.  I found images of a membership card, button, certificate, official letter and both sides of a Supermen decoder. 
I typed the names of the "members" on the cards and certificate with our old typewriter for more authenticity. I laminated the cards and the buttons.  The decoder was double sided with all the codes inside.
The letter was the actual invitation announcing the child's membership and the first "meeting" was to be birthday boy's 10th celebration.  I included a "P.S." in Krypton Code 9 stating they should start thinking up their superhero name and powers.
The letterhead was a cropped image from an image of the original.

I will try my best to include images for all the things I made for the party either on MHICTY or check on my Pinterest Board:
Pinterest Vintage Comic Party

There will be a bit of a lag between posts for the next few weeks....very sorry about that but it will be worth it!  I still have several things to photograph and I am planning a few tutes on making the "goodie bag" items which were all based after the fun mail order items from comic books that kids would send in their money they saved from turning in old glass soda bottles for the deposit way back when.

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Coolest party invite ever!