Friday, August 29, 2014

Gutter Ball Gurus

 These folks are having a bit too much fun!
On our bowling excursions we had hopes of maybe 30 % of this.
(side note:That little girl has a similar jelly possessed look to her!)

Last summer we went on a bowling bonanza right before school started and I got an idea for the fam to all have matching bowling shirts on the next go round.  So this summer I started working on ideas and locating plain white button up shirts from thrifts to use as the base. This proved to be harder to accomplish than I would have thought.  I eventually had to get long sleeve shirts and shorten them.  Next, we needed a fun name or "sponsor" for our team.  We have been watching The Andy Griffith Show, even more than usual lately. The show's bowling team is sponsored by Emmett's Repair Shop.  I wanted something a bit more than that....something that also involved creepy, because that is just who I am.  We then remembered Mayberry had a funeral home...combined with a TV repair shop (for when business was slow)....

Monroe's Funeral Parlor and TV Repairs!  
Free Estimates!

I had a couple of yards of this cute hearse fabric stashed back that happened to be perfect for the theme!

I sewed a panel of the hearse fabric off to one side of the shirt while using iron-on lettering for our names on the other side.

On the backs of the shirts I sewed two strips of black fabric, resembling bowling shirt vents.  I then put our team name on the back made from iron-on lettering.

Inspired by the Pfeifer's Beer Bowling Team, we posed for our own championship team photo.
(Clearly none of us know how to use a hair brush and an excuse of  Pfeifer's beer being evolved with our appearance is not the case.)

We also used character names from The Andy Griffith Show.

Because Otis had the highest score of us all, he received the addition honor of being awarded 
the King of Corn! 
After finding the white base shirts it did not take too much time to sew the fabric panels and apply the iron-on transfers.  All of which were stash busting items.  I bought the hearse fabric last year on sale and the black strips I made from some left over fabric. The iron-on letters were by Generation-T found at Big Lots (several years ago) for one buck a set.  I had bought about 6 packs, which came in handy for this project.  I regret not having enough letters to include "Free Estimates" though... too many "E"s. 

  A strikingly good time was had by all, with even a possibility of exceeding to a 32% enjoyment level.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog emensely, usually with tea. I raise my vintage mug in praise of your wonderful enthusiasm. You are sooo crafty and give me a tonne of fun inspiration so much so that I'm stash busting for Halloween as we speak. :)
Love love love that herse print!!!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thank you so much for the extremely kind comment Vanessa!