Sunday, June 15, 2014

Smokes for Father's Day

 PB went with a very interesting theme for his step dad for Father's Day this year.  As we were looking up images to make cards with we came across this vintage ad  recommending cigarettes as a gift.  Then PB and I thought "Sure... why not?!"  Hubs doesn't actually smoke though.... which meant we could have fun with the idea.  PB and I came up with a plan to make Hubs a huge box of pretzel cigarettes.
 We dipped large sized pretzel rods in white chocolate, leaving the ends exposed like a brown filter.  We then dipped the "lit end" in red sparkly sugar flakes.  
 We made a jumbo sized cigarette pack by covering a Trisket box with construction paper and gluing on a print out of  Lucky Strike cigarettes on the front.  PB also put a "Surgeon General Warning" on the side alerting of the possibility of addiction and cravings. 
 Here's Hubs lighting one up!
PB was really excited to do something special and fun for his step dad this year since, as PB pointed out, it was going to be his first official step-Father's Day.


MySpecialAgent said...

This is priceless! Those smokes look delicious.
I actually gave my grandpa a pack of cigarettes for his birthday one year (my dad bought them). My grandparents quit soon after that. I wonder if their 5 year old grandchild gifting them cigarettes is what did it. :)

my house is cuter than yours said...

Maybe! Ha! Too funny!