Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bow Tie Bonanza

   I love a man in a bow tie (see!)!   I made these bow ties as a gift for my hubbers recently.  I started by searching online for vintage bow ties for purchase.  They are quite pricey.  Next option...make them myself!  I scoured thrift stores and picked up a few vintage ties with interesting patterns, paying no more than 1 buck for each.
I then bought metal bow tie clips on etsy.  In my normal " I've got to get this project done, no time for photos during the process" way I only have "after" shots.  
They did not take too much time to make.  I cut the skinniest part of the tie off and folded it into a bow tie form.  I then cut a smaller piece of the skinny tie part as the wrap around the middle piece and sewed it in place.  I then placed the clasp across the back and hand sewed it on.  The clasp has little holes along the edges for sewing attachment:

Project bonus ideas! If you happen to have a tie that has chili cheese dog stains down the front it's still good!  Use the skinny, clean, back section to re-purpose it into a bow tie!  Also if the front wider section is in good condition (no chili cheese stainage) it could be made into a complementary decorative handkerchief for peeping out of the jacket's pocket.  Or, ladies, fashion yourself a hair accessory from the scraps! Be Matchers!

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