Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sugar Free Cake!

Hello all!  I am back with lots of adventures and fun stuff in general to share with you!
I thought I would start things off with a, treat!

A friend of mine and I have been trying to find low cal treats/sweets and then I remembered I have a whole set of Weight Watchers Recipe cards from 1974 with a section called "Favorite Desserts".  Well let's see what we have!  The card for the Black Walnut Cake with Strawberry Fluff Frosting looked divine!  There is no mention of calories involved but it surely can't be too high.  The Weight Watchers folks wouldn't steer us wrong. They wouldn't jeopardize flavor and common sense to just deliver us a recipe for something low cal...or would they?

There is no real black walnut, or strawberry, or sugar, or shouldn't really count as cake.
What the heck is in it then?!  Hint...a bunch of stuff that normal rational people would never have in their arsenal of kitchen sundries.

For now let's marvel at how lovely it turned out before the truth is revealed.
Just as fluffy and alluring as the picture on the recipe card!
I added some of my thrift store finds..."Flora-Pics" and "Party-Pics" to complete the setting.

So what is in this thing?  And how did it taste?  And was I out of my mind to even attempt it?
So many questions, so many let downs....

Here is the recipe.  
Try to keep your jaw from dropping too much as to keep flies from entering....

Yeah... you read that right...8 eggs.

How did it taste?
I could have just dumped all those artificial sweetener packs into my mouth and saved myself some time, energy, and money.  It was horrid.  The texture came no where near to cake-like.  It was chewy...cake should never be chewy.

And lastly, was I out of my mind to even attempt it?
No... My friend and I have been talking about making this cake for quite a long time and it finally happened.  Here is the 'best' part!  I made it for her for her birthday as a surprise!  I am not sure if that makes me a good friend or not though....

If you are desiring even more odd recipe concoctions from the 1974 Weight Watchers recipe cards I made a couple of them back when I did guest blogging for a website that sadly isn't around anymore called Swapatorium.  Bring your extra large purse to purge in!:

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