Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Little Itty Bitty Pie

I found this adorable little pie pan at a thrift store a few months back....almost Easy Bake Oven sized!  I have been in a 'use stuff up' mood and I concocted this little pie from a bunch of scraps of this and that which needed to exit the premises.  The pie crust is from a half used box of Jiffy pie crust mix I have had in the fridge for quite some time.  I had a 1/2 jar of apple jelly that I bought about 9 months ago, a 1/4 bag of coconut and some sliced almonds.  People, I can't just throw stuff away.  I have to USE it somehow.  I don't know...turn it into a deep cleansing beauty mask or use it to clean the stove with.  I decided to take the chance and use it as food still.  Despite the questionable expiration dates, it turned out really yummy. Apples with coconut may be the next chocolate covered bacon.

I made the pie crust, and then layered the apple jelly with the coconut.  Then topped it off with the almonds and more coconut.  An 'adult' sized pie full of jelly would never fly in the real world but an itty bitty one certainly can!
The leftovers fit perfectly in the little toy refrigerator.  Just have to watch out for any fridge raiding dinosaurs getting a hold of it!

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