Monday, September 21, 2015

World Miniature Golf Day

 It's WORLD Miniature Golf Day.
It's gone beyond just being a national holiday people.  The whole world is uniting in the joy of putting balls into the mouth of a snapping alligator today!

 There is an official Goofy Golf dating from 1958 not too far from me.

 The problem is that it's abandoned and drastically you can see.

It hasn't been open for business for the last several years. There's no notice on the door or even a 'for sale' sign posted. 

I used to go to this location for my birthday every year, so it's sad to see it looking like this.

Getting past the kangaroo wasn't happening.  
Those weeds aren't of the common variety.  They are some brutal bastards with skin mangling mega thorns.

I am just hoping that it's not in Humpty Dumpty's future to have a great in getting bulldozed down.

 If there isn't a functioning mini golf near you, then have a virtual experience by perusing some of my past mini golf adventures!

Mothers Day Goofy Golfin' Gala 2015
Goofy Golf Ft. Walton Beach 2013
Panama City Beach Goofy Golf 2013
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Goofy Golf Panama City 2006

Also, see my DIY Mini Goofy Golf post for ideas to make your own mini-mini golf course for home use!

Free game if you golf your ball into the snake's mouth!
At the abandoned Goofy Golf you can have the extra thrill of it being a real snake!

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Jarrett said...

Miniature golf is a whole lot of fun and I've enjoyed playing it with friends and family for years. I've also been playing golfing apps as well, since they enable me to get the feel of the game even when I can't necessarily make it to a local golf course or mini golf course that is in my local area.

Jarrett @ The QATSPY Golf Approach