Monday, August 29, 2016

Andy's Homeplace

Our whole family loves the Andy Griffith Show. We could watch it everyday...actually we kinda do.  We have visited Mount Airy, NC (Mayberry) on several occasions.  Every time we go, I look for something additional to add to the experience.  Last summer was the highest point.

We stayed the night in Andy Griffith's Home Place in Mt. Airy (aka Mayberry) North Carolina!

I planned a family trip loaded with fun stops, experiences, local eatries, and photo ops squeezed into 3 days.  Those posts all to follow!

The Andy Griffith Homeplace is the house Andy Griffith lived in with his parents from the time he was 6 years old until he was 18 and went to college.  Which by my calculations would make the house built around 1935.  His parents lived there until 1966.

Framed in the house is a newspaper article of Andy Griffith's parents sitting in the front yard of the house.  It states that most of the furnishings were given to the Salvation Army when they moved!  

The house is still decorated in some vintage furniture and decor though.  Here are a few images:
The Living Room.

Stacks of old magazines.  My mom and I spent several hours reading them...while watching the Andy Griffith Show of course!  The house has the entire collection on DVD for guests to watch.

We even found a recipe for Nesselrode Pie in one of them!!!


While I looking into staying at the Andy Griffith Homeplace I came across an image of the kitchen.  I was so excited!  This kitchen became a big reason why I wanted us to stay in the house. More on that later.  I wish I would have gotten a photo without the ugly eye sores (microwave, coffee maker, etc.)!

The oven...YES! It works and guests are encouraged to use it! More on that later too!

This is the wallpaper we found in the broom cupboard.

The backyard has a little picnic area and grill.  It also has a small deck off of the back of the house with a cafe style dining table.  Perfect for sitting and doing nothing except sipping on a bottle of pop.

PB protecting the property in the front yard.  He found this toy rifle hanging on the wall in the house and went out to shake his fist at possible intruders.  There are tons of cars that drive by on official and unofficial tours.  We even had people come up to the door and try to open it!  Those would be unofficials not respecting our privacy.

The house has a dining room, two bedrooms, and one bathroom.  
 I liked this ceiling light fixture that was in a pass-through area off of the kitchen.
Every room has little cute touches and vintage/antique items.

At the front door entry is a guest book where people can write down their Mayberry memories and what not. Framed on the wall is an autograph from when Andy stayed in the house in 2002.  Lots of framed prints of Mayberry citizens.  There is a bird cage in the dining room with three fake birds (Wynken, Blynken, and Nod) which is a reference to the episode Opie the Birdman.  Lots of neat stuff!

Stay tuned... More virtual vacation coming up!
I have about 10 posts that outline this trip!  

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Jenn said...

Oh my word! That is too cool!! I will have to look into staying there, if only to work in that gorgeous kitchen!! Can't wait to hear more about it!