Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Cookin' in the Kitchen

As I mentioned in the previous post, we stayed in Andy Griffith's Homeplace located in Mount Airy (Mayberry) North Carolina last summer.  
Besides the awesomeness of staying in the house, it also has a super cute kitchen!  And vintage oven!

So of course there must be staged photos! With aprons! With baked goods! With my hair fixed!

My mom and I baked a cake in the oven for the occasion! 
I brought along one of my vintage Mirro bunt pans and a cake mix in a bag.  It's the craziest thing but so perfect for this situation.  It's complete cake batter sold in a foil pouch, no refrigerator needed, I happened to find it at Winn Dixie.  I wanted to bake something but didn't want to deal with traveling with eggs and various other perishables.  And the best part is the cake is super good!  I also brought some powdered sugar to sprinkle on top.
But first we have to sift the powdered sugar!

My mom and I posing with our Andy home baked cake.  My mom is wearing a vintage dress and a vintage necklace that was a wardrobe piece from The Mary Tyler Moore show!

And look!  While flipping through all of those old magazines in Andy's house I found an ad for Mirro pans!  The one I used is the bunt pan next to the electric skillet.
Another neat thing that came out of this little photo shot is I used the photos of myself as kind of a resume' to get involved with the Apron Strings museum show.
The museum liked my photos so much they asked me to pose again to be used as part of the display.  That lead to my being the featured collector and co-curating the entire show!

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More Andy vacation trip coming up!

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