Saturday, August 27, 2016

Did you hear?!

No?  Well then go find a big ol' industrial sized Q-tip and get the wax out of yer ear!
It's time to light a candle...

Happy Birthday to Mr. Paul Reubens!
(I happen to be a wee bit of a fan!  See below for confirmation.)

As a small tribute I thought I would share a few of my vintage Pee-wee collectibles today.  I have received most of them over the last couple of years as gifts from Hubbs.  He is okay with Pee-wee being the other man in my life.

On the left is a 1987 Talking Pee-wee Herman 18'' doll.   By talking I mean he says stuff like
"Gejusgbvfjbkjdfn!" and "Hkjasourkdklasnd!"  Which clearly translates to " Hello, I'm Pee-wee Herman!" and "I know you are but what am I?"   He has a pull string on his back that when released he sounds like the chipmunks on 78 record speed.

My most recent item I have been gifted is the Pee-wee's Playhouse Colorforms play set.  It is still sealed but that won't last for long.

Box of Pee-wee's Playhouse Fun Paks 1988

This is a box nearly full of sealed trading card packets.  Each packet has 1 sheet of tattoos, 3 picture cards, stickers, 1 wiggle card, and 1 activity card.   The wiggle card is one of those lecticular deals that looks like the image is moving when you tilt it back and forth.  The activity card to me is the best!  The one shown above near the bottom is called a Playhouse Foldie.  When the card is folded different ways it can make Pee-wee have Miss Yvonne's bottom half along with another character mixed in depending how you fold it.  There are other activity cards that you punch out pieces and can make stuff like a flying paper Pee-wee or Pterri. We have opened about 5 packs so far, just on special occasions like birthdays.  I'll have to make a post with scans of the cards one day.  The graphics and art are awesome!

Pee-wee's Playhouse View Master Gift Set 1988

Hubbs got this for me on our first wedding anny.  It was MIB sealed before I 'ruined' it by opening the package!  I wanted to LOOK and SEE in 3D!

Billy Baloney 18" Puppet 1988

Billy Baloney actually belongs to PB.  Of course he is a PW fan as well!  Hubbs and I happened to find Billy at the flea market last year and gave him to PB for Christmas.  Billy Baloney was his favorite gift (other than cold hard cash!).  Billy hangs out on the couch most of the time always ready to sass one of us!

Pee-wee and his pal, Billy Baloney hanging out together as seen on the side of the box.

Here is Billy out of his restraints.  We play with our toys in this house!

PB loves Billy so much that he accompanied him to school for a 6th grade history presentation.  PB was portraying Edward Jenner (1749-1823) the pioneering medical doctor who invented the small pox vaccination.  Billy got to play the role of young James Phipps, an 8 year old boy who was the first person to be inoculated with the vaccine.  Both PB and Billy dressed the part!  It was really cute.

This concludes my present collection of Pee-wee vintage merch but certainly not to be the last of it!

Back to more important matters!

By now you all should have those candles lit and placed in a big bowl of ice cream soup, faces scotch-taped into an interesting expression, and your favorite pair of giant size underpants on your head....because it's Paul Reubens birthday and Pee-wee would want it that way!

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