Monday, June 19, 2017

Super Goober

From Woman's Day Magazine Sept 1952 

What an intriguing idea for a cake.... upside down peanut butter peach!
It's a wham-banger!
I like that the cake part is from a prefab mix, which is usually my regular Saturday night thing.
When I made this cake I had everything already on hand except that cake mix so I switched things up this time by making a homemade cake! Ha!  That is a definite first!  The recipe recommends using an iron skillet as the baking vessel.  However I don't have one that isn't rusted out so I made this cake in a round cake pan.

I had several problems that I am going to let you in on so you can enjoy complete success with your own Super Goober.   Some my fault and some not.   First off grease the pan. even the bottom.  I thought the butter in the bottom would be enough to help with sticking (I did grease the sides).  The recipe never mentions greasing even the alternative option of using a square pan.  So my cake top stuck to the roof of that pan like peanut butter.  What part of the cake I could get on to the serving plate wound up landing off center so I decided to give it a little tilt to budge it over... half the cake slid off the plate causing a peach peanut butter cake avalanche.  Thankfully no young impressionable minds were anywhere in the 3 mile radius because they would have been exposed to a few new words.  I scrapped up what I could and mashed it together and replaced the jostled peaches.  I then scrapped the topping out of the pan and used it as camouflage for the top.  This is why there is only one pic and the ass of the cake is away from the camera. 

click on recipe to enlarge

For the cake part I decided to use the recipe for  As You Like It Cake with Three Way Frosting.  Originally when I made that cake I used half of a prefab cake mix I had left over from another dessert.  I like this cake recipe because it has all normal ingredients found in my kitchen.  I don't keep stuff like cake flour or buttermilk around.  Those things are too unitask-ish. I have plain all purpose flour and skim milk, items that can play well with most all recipes, meals and are cost effective. I surely am not going to use buttermilk in my cereal and normal flour is way cheaper than cake flour.  

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So did this Super Goober Wham Banger send our taste buds singing as claimed?
Maybe not singing but definitely humming very loudly. It really does taste good and I really like the unusual concoction of ingredients. 
Highly recommended for peanut butter and peach lovin' kids of all ages! 

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