Monday, June 26, 2017

Vintage Marketing

 I love me some vintage food packaging!  Over the past few months I have been able to get my hands on several vintage cute items I thought I would share today.

The Kroger Peanut Butter jar was purchased at an antique shop.  As you can tell by the jar colors it is a 1970's deal but I loved that squirrel so much it had to come home with me.

 Remember when frozen orange juice came in a metal can and not those waxed paper tubes?  I got this can at an estate sale for one dollar.  The previous owner had a cabinet full of them and they were used to hold nails and other manly garage items.  I picked out the least beat up one.  

 Mr. Dee-lish popcorn box came from an antique mall (four bucks).  The box is a new old stock item from the 1950s.  I thought at first it was a retro design because it looked a little too good.   There is a glare in the photo because I cover my old papery items in cellophane to protect them from the "elements" of the kitchen.

I love this gallon sized pickle jar!  I use it to hold all the random vintage plastic fruits and veggies I get from thrift stores.  Haven't found any plastic pickles/cucumbers just yet.  I paid 6 bucks for adorable June Boy.

Sunny Morn Pancake Flour came from an antique mall.
I had not heard of bagged flour just for pancakes.  I am guessing it is a Jiffy mix kinda thing.  It's colors and condition are so perfect looking, I almost thought it was a reproduction prop, but it is from the 1940s.  It's stuffed with fluff to make it appear flour filled.  Like the popcorn box, I covered it in cellophane for it's protection.

Lastly is this half pound Pal Peanut Butter metal pail.  At the time I found this pail I had been contemplating buying a similar one on ebay but hadn't found one for the price I wanted to pay.  I got this pail at a thrift store for 75 cents!  That's more my price tag.

I keep all of my food packaging items on a top shelf in my kitchen.  I like to think about how it must have looked going to the grocery store during the 1950-60's and how beautiful the shelves were with such gorgeous and artistic packaging designs.  

I still have a few other packaging items in my collection that I haven't posted about, these were just the most recent.  I'll get around to putting the other ones up here one of these days.  I don't just collect vintage packing though.   I also like to collect items that are new yet their designs have remained pretty much unchanged over the decades.  These are usually small regional family owned companies that have been around a long time.  I put together a list of some past posts that highlight vintage (or unchanged) food packaging and grocery-marting from the MHICTY archives if you happen to have a few more items to check off on your shopping list:


Jennilee said...

Those are adorable, Mary! I love each and every one! I bet they look real cute in your kitchen :) How is your cleaning/painting/ect coming along?

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks Jenn! The cleaning/painting/organizing/decluttering/decorating is going slowly. Everything is taking more time than I would like. This is partly due to we have been helping family and friends with stuff also. I think PB's room should be nearing being finished this week though. The living room is on hold until we sell the piano that came with the house. It's currently parked in the living room and not contributing to a positive decorating's in the way! In the "meantime" I am going to next focus on decluttering the very large laundry room (which was originally a garage when the house was built). We are really working hard toward having a huge yard sale in Sept. So much stuff!

Crytal said...

I was watching a 1958 Leave It To Beaver the other day. June brings in her grocery bags and Ward asks her what took so long. She replies, "Even with inflation it takes a while to spend $23.86!" I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

my house is cuter than yours said...

23.86....groceries for a fam of four, possibly even for the entire week!? To make that happen today for her 23.86 she would have a family sized case of ramen noodles and a 3 gallon jug of Hawaiian punch in her plastic non-recyclable grocery store bags.