Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Halloween Mood Table 2018

Last year I asked PB to construct his own Halloween Mood Table 2017 inspired by Secret Fun Blog and Dinosaur Dracula.  A mood table, for one, doesn't even have to be a table.  It can be a shelf, a chair, any space you can concentrate a festive grouping.  It's meant to be not over thought but just created to get the season started and get in the mood.  I thought it would be a fun way for PB to do some Halloween decorating on a small scale.  I also made sure to let him know it wasn't required of him.  It could be simple or complex and he could use any of my Halloween "leftovers" that I didn't use for the primary house decorating.  I was happy that he was up for making another table this year. 

 Here is his creation!

I think he was going for a cemetery scene this year.
I am hoping that doing stuff like this will inspire him to be a Griswold holiday decorator such as myself when he is an adult.

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