Monday, October 23, 2017

Demented Decor 2017

I have been so busy lately tending to my fires that Halloween decorating didn't happen until much later than normal.  I didn't even get a single bat up til the middle of October, but the nice thing is I usually leave everything displayed through the middle of November.  Maybe I'll push it out even until Dec.... It could be a true Nightmare Before Christmas!

Even though it's really the same items I display every year I try to mix it up a bit.  This year I hung a bunch of the jointed skeletons from the ceiling.  I also hung little bats from clips on the newly hung and made curtains and hardware in the dining room (one of the many house projects Mr. Husband Sir and I completed).

 I forgot to include this ginormous retro vinyl mask in the 'new Halloween stuff this year' post.  I got it for Mr. Husband last year for Christmas from Retro-A-Go-Go.  They have several more designs of these very cool larger than life plastic masks reminiscent from mine and Hub's childhood. 

I like these masks as fun decor but remember them not being at all fun to wear.  First off be aware that the temperature on Halloween night is typically a balmy 87 degrees.  The plastic caused your hot breath to form condensation inside the mask which made breathing feel like suffocating.  The moisture would then get smeared all over your face and into your hair as you had to lift and lower the mask to be able to navigate between porch lights. Couple that with the themed corresponding thick vinyl non-breathable costume onsie which trapped in more non-expellable heat and you have the makings of a nice little inferno death trap in the form of Holly Hobbie or Tweety Bird.

Speaking of Death Traps, here is the Funeral Parlor area within my demented home. I have an Embalming Certificate from 1933 and a vintage metal funeral reserved sign hanging here but not pictured.  You can see them here: last year's decor.  I usually do this area pretty much the same.

New this year PB decorated his own little Halloween "mood table" as inspired from the idea from Secret Fun Blog.  Instead of a table he used a little metal corner shelf.   I thought it was interesting to see what items he selected and his attention to even spacing.

Also forgot that I got this cute little Gurley ghost candle since last Halloween.

I have had so many "fires" going on (most of them not initially lit by me) that I haven't been able to get in the Halloween spirit.  Mr. Husband Sir and I have a few spooky fun activities planned later in the month that I hope will lift my dismal perspective.  In the mean time, I will just light up the plastic blow mold jack-o-lanterns and enjoy their orangey glow.


Jennilee said...

You have the neatest stuff, Mary, and you always display it so nicely!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks Jenn! I usually spend way too much time thinking out and trying out different ways to display this stuff. This year I had to go on auto-pilot mode and put things up fast since the month was half over, but it worked out pretty well...I only have a few things that have fallen down or shifted some from my using quick scotch tape instead of getting real about it and using command strips!