Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Salt and Pepper Earrings

Check out my snazzy earrings I made from a pair of mini salt and pepper shakers!

This photo shows the construction.  I don't know what the proper names of all the different jewelry findings are so instructions may be odd sounding.  I started by putting three of those pin looking stem deals up through the bottom and out 3 different holes.  I did this to try and anchor the shakers from spinning around and to keep the front showing forward.  My plan kinda somewhat worked.  I then cut the stems and bent each into a loop.  I put a jump ring through all of these loops and an earring hook deal.  They still want to turn off to the side so I need to monkey a bit with the loops more.
I think this idea has a lot of fun potential for those minuscule shakers that only hold a couple of shakes of seasoning.

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