Thursday, January 05, 2006

Thrift Score

I was out today looking at clothes at thrift stores for the Jan Tie One On challenge. I have a few ideas but haven't found the right clothes yet. However, I did find all of these patterns today. Sure, I am not a bust 31 1/2 like the patterns on the far left and in the middle are made for. And no, I don't have a little girl to make that adorable white dress with apple pockets (far right, sorry, small pic) ! So, yeah, pretty much none of these patterns are my size.. I just bought them because I liked the artwork! Ha ha!
But this one is my size! He he! One size fits all and only calls for one yard of fabric! I was just looking last night on eBay at some patterns and saw this same one going for 15 bucks! (I only paid 10 cents a piece for these). Bonus! : Inside the pattern envelope was an old newspaper clipping with pattern instructions for a bib apron!

I almost squealed out loud when I found this one! I LOVE the outfit on the left and both fabric choices for examples. This pattern is really old and beat up, it doesn't even have the back. It does, however, have all the pieces and the instructions. Only thing is it's a little too small for me...I think I can figure out how to adjust it though.

I also got a few cute kids books for pumkinbutt, a couple of ladies slips (one in this cool teal color with cream lace!) and a pair of little white gloves with some embroidery on them.

About two weeks ago I got this lovely vintage Westbend hot/cold server..At a thrift store! Only thing was they weren't asking thrift store prices for it. I paid $8 for it. It is in really good shape and I actually have been wanting one. I thought it would be great to use, if I was to be ever invited, to a pot luck at someone's house...I 'm not holding my breath though..

In other news, alot of stuff is going to be going down around here soon. We are about to be having all of our hurricane damaged ceilings torn out and we plan on putting tongue and groove wood in instead , we are also going to be putting up some more serious looking molding. We are going to paint the outside of the house and hopefully do a little landscaping. If we have enough money left in the budget, we are wanting to put a cover over our patio. I am also going to be doing some major decluttering, all part of my New Year's motto "Quality, not Quantity."

Then pumkinbutt's second birthday is at the beginning of March. HE LOVES CARS! So we are going to do a hot rod/classic car themed party for him.

I signed up to do a swap , Second String (link on the right). So I need to get busy on ideas and projects for it.

And to top it off, the Dixie Dolls are planning a small craft fair in our town. We were thinking about it happening in the spring..But I don't see it happening that soon, maybe fall or even next spring.. We'll see!


Barb said...

How funny, I just got back from the thrift store a few minutes ago. I stuck to my budget, and put back the Bombay wood box and the tri-level jewelry box, because I really needed the pants more. I did buy one box to mosaic. Got some clog-like things (some people are grossed out by used shoes, but there are some killer ones out there), a few plates, and an art box with pencils and pastels in it. $40 altogether (ouch), but I so NEEDED to go there today. No good patterns or old cookbooks, but I bought some of those on ebay this week. Ten cents is an amazing price. That sarong pattern is awesome. I love that feeling of going to a thrift store and gasping when you find the hidden treasure. I've been looking for a beach cover-up pattern (I want to turn an old towel into one), and it's hard to find patterns for those. I like the simplicity of the one there.

chrissy said...

so that penquin space age orb is a hot and cold server?! i thought it was a nifty ice bucket, that's what my grandma always used it for. never thought of using it for hotsy totsy food. yay!

megan said...

I grew up with that penguin!! It's my parents', and we always put ice in it, and we called it, aptly enough, "The Penguin".

Anonymous said...

I have several old patterns that I honestly am not going to use. Nobody I know will use them lol..I live close to you get in touch and I'll get them to ya.

patricia said...

i am just so enjoying your blog which i discovered thru your tie-one-on pic...i love collecting vintage patterns too and that west bend piece is gorgeous!

Lori said...

This is my first visit to your blog. I linked through from your fabulous Tie One On picture. (I'm seriously coveting that Christmas tree.) I too have "The Pengiun"... it came with my spouse when I married him. He has always referred to it as an ice bucket, and we used it for champagne on New Year's Eve. The hot food idea is a good one! I love your pattern treasures too.

juliebean said...

Found you by linking from "Tie One On"...Going thrift-shopping tomorrow, also on a vintage pattern quest. Love your site...Would like to add your site to my links list on my very new blogsite, if I may?

Monica said...

Im a thrift store addict and I love you stuff :)

robyn said...

Hot cold server? We found one of these in my in-laws basement along with a pink iceramic and I always thought it was an ice bucket (obviously I never read the bottom.) We almost never need an icebucket so the poor thing rairly gets used. Now that I know it's true identity I will be pulling it out every chance I get.

Mom said...

I'm sorry I took so long to comment, but i just found the two websites for altering patterns. The first:

The second is:

Forgive how this is put in here, but it would not all fit on one line. The first tells you how to make your own dress form out of duct tape and other materials. The second one is for resizing patterns, even from a little girls pattern that you would want to convert to on that fits you!!! I would first use a pattern that I really didn't want, just in case I messed it up. That will be your test pattern and if all works out well, you will know how to resize those cute patterns to fit you. Hopefully, you can put that new sewing machine to work even more!!!! Love, Mom