Thursday, April 03, 2014

Atomic Energy Lab Rings

A couple of months before PB's birthday we happened to be at this store in town called Dirt Cheap.  They sell new stuff that is not even suitable for Big Lots... broken, damaged, out of season, but generally pretty cheap.  We stumbled upon several plastic bins full of Halloween Target Dollar Spot items for only 10 cents a piece!!!
We picked up several packs of mini glow stick rings (four in a pack!) with the thought we could use them somehow for the party.
We decided to call them Atomic Energy Rings!

I made my own packaging from print outs, black construction paper, and mini clear treat bags.

On the left is the front of the pack and the right shows the back.

Detail of the back.

Construction on these is fairly simple.  Cut the black construction paper to the size you need for images and rings.  Glue images. Place ring in a mini treat plastic bag and staple it inside the flap.  Type up the instructions and glue them over the stapled flap area.

Images for the packaging can be found on my Pinterest Vintage Comic Book Party Board.

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