Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Viva Las Vegas!

We just got back from a vacation to Las Vegas!!
I will be putting up several posts covering all of our adventures, starting with vintage signs.

There are plenty of photos of Fremont Street neon signage floating about on the nets so I will refrain from posting Vegas Vic and the Glitter Gulch Gal. But around the corner from there, in the "lock your car doors" district,  I did find a few other awesome neon signs that are still doing their thing as actual functioning twinkling beacons enticing tourists to Color TV!


This one is my favorite!  
The metronome-like lights on the top sway in a most mesmerizing pattern!

The Rummel does not look as "grand" at night as it does during the day.  I think it became "Rum...tel" during the night time hours.  I  suspect "newly remodeled rooms" just means a few fresh bars of soap are included and "No Smoking Rooms"  means none of them are on fire at this time.

Monterey did not light up at night, but I can imagine it in my mind and it's breathtaking...the little star would be twinkling Clark!



Fun City! Located conveniently next door to a Wedding Chapel if you happen to have a little too much fun while in Vegas!

We looked up a few reviews of some of these establishments and found a hilarious one about Fun City on Murder Motels . The reviewer found a crack pipe in a dresser drawer... for reals.

We spent a good hunk of the trip seeking out and snapping shots of old signs,  looking for any resemblance of "old vegas" and of course, Elvis!

More Vegas to come!

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