Monday, April 14, 2014

Pinball Hall of Fame

Our next stop.... The Pinball Hall of Fame Museum
206 functioning pinball and arcade games from the 1950 to 1980's.
The pinball machine art work alone is worth visiting this place but add in that you can play all of the games for a mere couple of quarters....I hear angels singing.

There aren't just pinball machines here ....There are a bunch of super awesome midway deals/activities/horror attractions to experience after your fingers are all pinballed out.

circa late 1950's
Step up to the Relax-A-Lator!  Sooth your tired feet and legs after a long bout of standing at the pinball machines.

Arm wrassle a mechanical arm!

circa 1956
The tables are turned now!  No more will a scary creepy clown control you!  You control him!  Make him dance now!  Put in a quarter and push the four buttons in front of him that control his arms and legs while you make him hop around to the Jetson's theme song!  We really enjoyed this one.

Super fun, still looking out for an Elvis sighting though!

PB taking on the vintage 1960's Stock Car pinball machine.

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