Thursday, April 03, 2014

X-Ray Vision Glasses

 A very classic comic book ad mail order item!
These were a bit more time consuming to make but well worth it.

You will need 3D movie glasses, the images below, a hole punch, clear plastic treat bags and a printer.

The sizing for printing is going to be dependent on the size of the glasses you get
 and clear plastic bags that you have. So print out a few samples to see what works.

I printed out the above image of the X-Ray Vision glasses lens. I cut them to fit on top of the 3D movie glasses lens. Leave the lens in the frames of the 3D glasses!  I used a pair of extra 3D glasses with the lens pushed out to trace the lens shape on the print out.  I hole punched the center of the printed image so the glasses can be somewhat functional.  I then hot glued the image to the front of the movie glasses lens. 

I used the above image to make the packaging header. 
I printed it out to the appropriate size on cardstock allowing enough cardstock for there to be a back flap.
Place the glasses in the treat bag and staple it to the inside of the header flap.

So there you have it...PB's Big Vintage Comic Book 10th Birthday Party.

I spend several months planning, making, constructing, and searching for stuff for his birthday parties.
I usually have to "hire a staff" (fam) to help keep everything running smoothly during the hullabaloo.

I have my suspicions that this may be his last party so I am glad we went out with a Bang! Pow! Bam!

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