Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Donut Cookies!

Donut Cookies?!  I lost my mind for a moment when I saw these on the shelves at Big Lots recently... and only 1.50 a bag!  I buy right into these themed kinda things.  {You may recall the Cotton Candy Cookies from last summer.}  

We started out using a donut shaped cookie cutter in hopes of recreating the perfect uniform cookies on the front of the bag, but this cookie mix does not rise... apparently... so that batch were donut crackers.  The bag suggests to make the donut shape by rolling the dough out like snakes and joining the ends. I found the dough a bit on the crumbly side so that was a slight challenge but I made it happen.

These are "plain" donut cookies...I thought they resembled my favorite snack, Funyuns!  I don't recommend putting icing on Funyuns though.

After getting a coating of pink icing and sprinkles the donuts insisted on wearing their well groomed fake plastic mustaches and bringing along their little donut hole friends!
I think these cookies are quite tasty and donutty flavored... and for only a buck fifty for 18+ cookies, that's a pretty good deal.  You certainly can't get a dozen from Krispy Kreme for that price... maybe the ones that fell on the floor....but only if you ask real nice like.

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