Thursday, June 26, 2014

Handbags and Hats

I happened upon a bunch of old knitting, crochet, and doily making booklets at the thrift today.  I don't know how to do any of those things and looking at the instructions makes me think rocket science may be easier.  But I do like to look at the pictures and think I may one day figure it out.  I restrained myself and only bought 6.  (I put 25 back).  When I put them back another lady had a stack of ones that I never saw in her buggy.  What?!  Where did you get those?!  I guess I must have over looked them... Anyway, I handed her my rejects and all said she checked out with a total of 58!  I was bummed that I didn't see the ones that she snagged before me because she had a 1940's Mend for Victory booklet in her clutches.  She was nice enough to let me look at it.
But moving on....I did get 6 pretty cool ones.  I am going to post some of the highlights from each one...starting with "Handbags and Hats" cica 1953..

The two bottom purses are the cutest!

I love grey and yellow color combinations.
As you may recall the booklet is "Handbags and Hats" and I have not yet put a representation of a hat yet. That's is because the hats are horrible! Fine!  Don't believe me? Check it:

This is not even cool, not even uncool that becomes cool...if you get me.  And why is she carrying a purse around with a roll of toilet paper?

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