Monday, January 12, 2015

Game Night!

 We love collecting and playing vintage board games!  Here are a few we have gotten over the last few months, including some we got for christmas.  I have used images from the internet of the games because it so time consuming to take proper photos and these get the idea across enough.
First up we got the Colombo detective game (1973) for christmas.  We all love Colombo, PB included!  PB even got a tan rain/trench coat and bubble gum cigars for Christmas

 We already had a Cootie game (1949) and it is the same make as this one.  But I found it for only a dollar at an amazing estate sale and could not pass it up! Now we can have 8 players!

I also picked up this 1967 Spirograph kit for one dollar at the same estate sale.

We have not yet played this Finance game (1958).  It seems to be like Monopoly though.

Clue 1949

Clue 1963
Clue is on of my favorites. We have The Simpsons version but happened to find these two within a week of each other.

Careers!  1956
12 pages of instructions but once you get it, it is a super fun game! 
You choose different career paths such as going to the moon and mining uranium!

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