Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Suitcase Play Set

For PB's 7th christmas handmade gift I made him something else for his GI Joe mans.  I saw the idea on the nets but it was for dinosaurs.  It starts as a regular old suitcase that you remove the interior lining.  
A couple of the mans (with a back pack!) were working on some push ups beforehand.

Then I transformed the suitcase into a take along wilderness play set! It is constructed from spray insulation foam painted with green spray paint! After it all dried I used a metal scrapper to flatten some of the areas.  I then added foliage, moss and rocks. I made a collapsible tent from the bottoms of PB's out grown camo pants turned shorts, seen on the left.  For food I found some of those cute mini Japanese erasers.  If you look closely in his lap is a little tin dish of tamago and soy sauce.  The little tin plates are empty jelly samples from Cracker Barrel.

Everything packs up inside and can be taken on the go!

My favorite item I made for the playset was this little camp fire.  It is a few twigs and moss hot glued to a cheap battery operated tea light but it really looks magical when lit.

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