Wednesday, January 07, 2015

T shirt blanket

For PB's 8th christmas handmade gift I made "this is the one.. the one I will be remembered for" as said in Ed Wood by Johnny Depp about Plan 9 from Outer Space. I made a duvet cover/sleeping sack blanket from fleece.  
The top of it features a bunch of PB's favorite and outgrown skateboard shirts.  I cut out the designs and then used several different thread colors and stitch patterns to make rough edged borders which I then sewed down randomishly.

When PB first open this gift he did not like it and it really hurt my feelings.  But strangely enough this blanket has become a big deal to him.  He calls it the Double Slunk which is kinda like a snuggie for two.  Last summer we all made cheesy "Ronco" inspired commercials for fun and his featured his blanket..."The Double Slunk saved my marriage!". He and I snuggle inside it together on the couch and he always brings it on trips.

It is my Plan 9....

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