Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Sk8 Shop

This was the first handmade christmas gift I made for PB when he was 5 years old.  He was really into Tech Decks and skateboards at the time.  I bought a plain white tin container at a craft store, unevenly spritzed it with black spray paint, and then printed out older styled (like ones I had on my first car!) skate stickers to apply all over it.  I then filled it with little containers with magnetic backs to hold all the little screws, nuts, and wheels needed for fixing and changing out the boards.  I also used an inexpensive little photo album to make a 'Sk8 Shop inventory'.  He had a slug of these boards so I took photos of them and put them in the book to help him keep up with them.
That year I also made him a skateboard with his own face on it!  I bought the board for just a couple of bucks,a generic tech deck, but a perfect size.  I took it apart and put a printed out photo sticker of him on the bottom.

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