Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Goblins and Ghoulies, Creepies and Crawlies!

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Serpents and spiders 
Tail of a rat
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DIY Haunted Mansion Madame Leota Crystal Ball

I have seen several DIY Madame Leota Crystal Ball props on the nets and was dying to try to make my own.  The instructions are always told simply to print image and place it in the globe with some black netting behind/around it. Sounded simple enough and in essence that is all there is to it.  My problem came in when I was trying to find a good image to use and the right sizing.  I went through several early attempts trying to make it look right, with different images of her face, different sizes, trying to add lighting with battery powered tea lights and different colored netting.  I was about to give up when I decided to go with the idea I used in these Christmas Photo Ornaments of PB I made back in 2006.  I made the image use pretty much the entire inside circumference instead of having her printed face 'float' in a wad of netting.

The items I used were found cheaply at thrift stores.  The two main pieces, a glass cloche globe and the metal base, which originally was a candle holder, totaled 2 bucks.  An alternative to the glass globe could be a large clear round christmas ornament.  Michael's has these with their christmas stuff currently that are plastic and open up, making it really easy to place the image inside without having to roll it up or maneuver a chop stick in there to position everything.

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