Saturday, October 03, 2015

Mystifying Oracles of Butter Rings!

What is the bestest time of year?

I am so thrilled!  My favorite holiday is almost here!

I wanted to hip you dudes to these super fun cookies I discovered a few weeks ago that are perfect for any impending spooky fortune telling festivities!

They are butter ring cookies that have "Yes" "No" "Maybe" reliefs on the tops.
For PB's school lunch, I put an image of a magic 8 ball on the lid of a circular mini food storage container with one mystical cookie inside.  He must ask his question and then open the container to reveal the answer!

The really mystical thing about these cookies is they come in a package that has no hint to their fun design.  AND! Happy SHRIEK!  They come from Dollar Tree!  And they are pretty tasty and they have them year round!  

I could see these cookies being put into a large Magic 8 ball looking cookie jar for kids to close their eyes and select their answer to a question for a Halloween party.  Or place them on a Ouija board platter for a Halloween buffet.
So fun!


Crystal Hallowell said...

Halloween is my favorite, also. I wait all year and then celebrate it all month. I'm in my glory right now.

I collect old talking boards (one of my favorites is the Mystic Swami board). These cookies would be great on the night we have a "seance" (me pushing the planchette around to fool the kids). I'll look for them!

my house is cuter than yours said...

Halloween is the best! A collection of old talking boards sounds awesome! I will have to look up the Mystic Swami one.