Monday, October 19, 2015

Grave Marker Portrait Piece Updated

So, five years ago I put up a post on a Halloween craft I called the Gravemarker Portrait Piece.  I didn't feel it was complete back then but I never really worked on it ...until this year.  I finally finished it. 

The part that was really stumping me all this time was coming up with a clever saying to put on it.  "Boo"  "Happy Halloween"...duh.  "It's Alive!"...maybe.  Every year I take this tombstone out with all of the other Halloween stuff and stare at it with nothing really coming to mind.   PB happened to be wearing one of his favorite shirts, Alice In Wonderland's Cheshire Cat, that has the wording "We Are All Mad Here" the day I was emptily staring at the tombstone this year.  We're All Mad Here! I like it!  It is something that relates to PB, can be seen as a Halloween reference and it fits on the stone!

Here is the "Before" in 2010.
It was just an image of PB making an evil face attached to a Dollar Tree foam grave stone.

After I got the wording worked out it didn't take any time to hot glue a few Halloween bits and bobs and stretch on some spider webbing.

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