Wednesday, December 16, 2015

ATOM~ The Andy Griffith Show Tree

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my mom and I were invited to decorate three aluminum Christmas trees in the infamous ATOM ( Aluminum Tree and Aesthetically Challenged Seasonal Ornament Museum and Research Center) in Brevard, NC this year.  The curator makes 'scientific cards' to go under each tree, which are kinda fun.

Scientific Classification
Genus: Silercus
Species: Mt. Airyious
Common Name: Andy Griffith Tree
Arborists: Mary and Mary (My mom and I )

The primary tree I spent a lot of time plussing up was The Andy Griffith Show Tree. When I made the TAGS tree ornaments back in 2011, I had a few other ideas after the fact that I decided to make happen this time around.  But first, I'll show the 'regulars'.

Here are the new additions I made:
A "Just Call The Man!" ornament with a deep freezer and mouse trap image juxtaposed.  For die hard fans they will remember that a mouse trap was put in the freezer because a mouse had climbed in there to keep warm! I like when Gomer sticks his hand in it accidentally and says to Opie "Tell yer Pa' he got a nibble!".

The other new ornament I made is a reproduction Christmas card from the Christmas TAGS episode where the Hubacher brothers send Andy and Barney a holiday card from the state prison.  I found an image of a vintage Christmas card that said "From Our House To Your House"...I was thinking the "Big House"!

I found a slightly usable image from the internet of the boys but had to redo the text and wording myself for the interior.

(image from the TAGS episode)

Another idea that I had was 'presents' under the tree that referenced several different episodes.
Seen above to the left are sticks of dynamite for Jimmy the goat from his owner Hud.
There is also a huge rock from Ernest T. Bass to his beloved Romena.

Some 'elixir' for Otis from the Morrison sister's flower makin' machine.  Only for special occasions.

And a box of Miracle Salve to Opie Taylor Sr. from Dr. Pendyke.

You could be the one to win that pony!

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Keith Buchanan said...

I saw your Christmas tree on the night after Thanksgiving. Everyone with me was waiting on me to read all of the wonderful decorations on the tree. A young lady asked me if I knew the meaning of the freezor and the Hubacher brothers. I sure did, and appreciated the extra work to all of these memories on the tree. I just hope you have it back there again next year.

Keith Buchanan
Boone, NC

my house is cuter than yours said...

Thanks for the comment Keith! Glad you were able to set everyone straight! I was at the opening the day after Thanksgiving as well so we may have run into each other! Actually I may have been the 'young lady' that asked you!