Thursday, December 31, 2015

Gumdrop-dead Goody Tree

Our Christmas theme this year was Creepy Santa.  The kind that you may see drunk or surly, possibly with a scared kid sitting on his knee.  Most of our holiday season involved him in some way.   We decorated our Christmas tree and front door wreath with his creepy mug, made a scary Santa cake, and even had our holiday photo taken with a real live Santa Creep Claus!

Since we thought we make be tampering too much in his evil domain and angering the overlords, we decided to ward off the evil Santa spirits by decorating our gumdrop tree with impaled cinnamon juju Santa candies! 

Yikes! He got it in the eye!
A little voodoo juju just as a precaution!

Hope everyone had a creep free holiday season!

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