Thursday, December 24, 2015

Hall Decking 2015

Here are a few images of the house drenched in vintage christmas stuff.  The felt Santas in the above picture are vintage handmade napkin rings.  When a white napkin is placed inside them it becomes the tip of his hat and his beard.  I got a ziplock bag full of them for 1.50 at a thrift.  I decided to hang them from the edges of all my lamps.

SantaCon 2015.

I feel kinda bad that I just tossed all of the smaller guys in a pit... mass execution style.

I like how these two are each snuggled up with their own dismembered Santa head.

The green display shelf is chock full!

I decided this christmas that I was going to do my best to use just about all of my christmas stuff, which is causing the shelf to reach maximum capacity.  I wanted to prove that having 12 storage containers of Christmas stuff is logical and not wasting space.."I use all of it!"  Basically making excuses for myself and my christmas collecting (hoarding).

There are some items that didn't make it out but very few.  Displaying 6 Christmas trees would have turned my living room into the artificial tree lot on the Charlie Brown Christmas special.

I picked this guy up last year at a thrift.  I like his angry eyebrows.

With this blog being 10 years old, I like looking back through all the photos/posts of past holiday endeavors.  Below are some links to a few past posts that focus on holiday decorating and show some stuff that I didn't photograph but do have decorating some spot in my home this year, because like I said earlier...I used just about everything I have!  Look out for a Robot Attack Village, a huge christmas crap discards wreath, an entourage of Empire blow mold Santas, and a team of red flocked reindeer!

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