Friday, January 08, 2016

Cave City, Kentucky

 On the way out of town after staying at the Wigwam Village, we snapped a few images of other neat stuff in the area.
Love this Holiday Motel sign..hate the retarded dot com on it though.
Wait!  This is better:
This is a scanned image from my trip in 2001.  I would rather see it's neon beckoning offering of T.V. and wall to wall carpets then it's lame dot com weak signage it totes now.

 We came across this super cool looking souvenir shop, Tom's Tee-Pee.  Next door was another store called 'Wild Wonderful Gifts". 

We took a quick spin through it and saw 'New Old Stock' items in their original habitat.
4 bucks is a bit steep for me.  I guess it is for a lot of folks considering the barrel of these they still have. 
 Naughty kid stuff.

If I had this style of camper I would have blessed it with this decorative plate.

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