Saturday, January 30, 2016

Valentine Scrap Books

Something that is a 'family tradition' for us is having a valentine card scrap book.
My mom's mom made her one and my mom started me my own as well. I have also started the tradition with PB.
Here are a few images of my mom's scrap book. She handed hers down to me a few years back along with a bunch of loose cards that never made it into her book.  Hers dates from the mid 1960's.
Every one of the cards are gorgeous!

My valentine card scrap book is from the early 1980's.  It is certainly not as beautiful as the artwork in my mom's.  Lots of Strawberry Shortcake.  Here are a couple of pages:
I gave out valentine cards up until ...well.... I still do.  But I stopped receiving any during high school.

I have been carrying on the tradition with PB but it is so pitiful what passes these days as a valentine card.  Look how boring... The only saving grace on this page is the Ron Weasley one.
A 'card' is now a pack of candy with a sticker on it saying"To:" and "From:".  Also what is with all the mini tattoos!?  I would much rather have a sticker myself. 


Jenn said...

What a neat tradition, Mary! And I agree, what passes for Valentine's now-a-days in the younger set is pitiful! And really, even the large ones at the card store aren't that great.

P.S. Those tattoo things drive me nuts!

my house is cuter than yours said...

It's not that fake tattoos can't be fun, it's just that these tiny pitiful ones are so crappy!