Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Hi Sugar!

Generally at this point in January I would be up to my neck in cardboard UFOs or painting a faux brick wall as a passage to Diagon Alley or perhaps making super hero capes out of old t-shirts. It would be officially PB birthday party planning time.  To keep the wheels turning here on MHICTY during those months I post a bunch of vintage images with perhaps a quick statement that I schedule far in advance.  This year is when all of that changes.  PB started middle school.  He decided that this year he wants to have just a 'fam' party (just us 3) with a smaller scale theme.  I love doing his birthday parties but I am really okay with keeping it low key for a change.
This means I have the opportunity to share a few other things that I have had going on over the past several years which happen to occur during those months.  Just because I am busy with his birthday stuff doesn't mean that valentine's day gets over looked. By no means, no!  But it never gets posted because who wants to see valentine's stuff in April?
So I have scavenged, scoured, and photographed several years of Valentine's stuff to share over the next couple of weeks...
Hope you love it! 

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