Friday, January 22, 2016

Twistee Treats and Butterfly Roofs

 We took a trip to Disney World during PB's winter break.  Seeing one person's Disney pics is just about the same as seeing anyone else's, you know, huge crowds of people you don't know ruining them.  So I will spare you those images.  But here are a few other things we did see or experienced while there that were pretty cool and free of random people.

We happened to find this neat Twistee Treat ice cream stand while in Kissimmee.  
Pee-wee wanted ice cream soup but it wasn't on the menu.

I have always loved these butterfly roof picnic tables at some of the Florida welcome centers.  I decided I better get a pic of the flock of them before they fly away or are replaced by ugly new styled ones.

Other non-Disney things we did while in the area was PB found his comic book store equivalent of Disney World called Comic Colosseum.  It was next door to our hotel so he went over there everyday.  There was a Converse shoes clearance store in the same shopping plaza.  This is where the really ugly converse go, end of the line.   But I was able to find some really cute low tops with a print of official Andy Warhol soup cans.  We also got to hear an angry old man talking on his phone outside a restaurant telling the listener that because of what they did to him, Jehovah was going to punish them with great vengeance.  It was probably that they ruined all of his family's Disney photos by having dumb looking expressions on their faces while getting in the way of his camera's viewfinder.

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