Friday, September 02, 2016

Mr. Potato Set and PB&J

The next set of photos we did were at the Mayberry Jail in Mount Airy.  They have a reproduction courthouse, jail, and Wally's Service Station in town.

We based the themes around a couple of favorite episodes.

Episode 23 Season 2

 I love the part in this episode when Barney is "rehabilitating" the prisoners with craft kits. He gives them the options of: leather craft set, metal working set, wood carving set, or a Mr. Potato set.

Here we are saying "I'll take the Mr. Potato set."


Opie and The Spoiled Kid
Season 3 Episode 21

"This is the last stop on the road of crime.  A man confined to prison is a man who has given up his liberty.  No more carefree hours, no more doing what ever you want when ever you want... No more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches."

"It is definitely no fun when that iron door clangs shut on you."

I made a few simple props for these photos.  The Sanka jar and Mr. Potato sets are printed images attached to thick paper.  I wanted to put the Mr. Potato images on boxes so they would look more three dimensional but couldn't find enough in the right size.  
The PB and J stuff is partly props as well. I didn't want to bring an actual loaf of bread and have it get smashed on the trip.  The loaf of Wonder bread is an empty bread bag that I stuffed with plastic grocery store bags and fluffed up loaf-like.  The slice of bread is from PB's fake food toys but it looks real even when not shown in black and white.  I covered the peanut butter jar with a printout of a vintage peanut butter label.  The jelly didn't work out as well as I would have liked.  I could not find a vintage good image of a jelly label anywhere.  I had to go with a new jar of jelly made in Italy because it had the best looking label.
 I really spent a bunch of time thinking out everything and planning for these photos.  As you can tell, since I am blabbing on and on about labels and what not.

Bonus! We wore our Andy Griffith Show Monroe's Funeral Parlor and TV Repair Bowling shirts while hanging around town!

Next up are more images from Wally's and the Mayberry Courthouse in Mount Airy NC.

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