Wednesday, August 17, 2016


I love seeking out old style food packaging.  Not retro ones trying to look old with a bunch of clip art. I mean food packaging from companies that are still in business and have kept everything looking the same for the past 60 years.
I also love to learn about the history of the companies.  Most of the ones I find tend to be local(ish) being from the south and family owned.

Two new ones I have added to the kitchen shelf are Sunflower and Dixie Lily.

Sunflower is based out of Hopkinsville, Kentucky and has been around since 1874.  You have got to go see their cute small website and listen to the jingle!!! I have been playing it over and over.  I think the off kilter "Pre-Sifted" wording on the flour bag is too cute!

Dixie Lily was established in 1933 and is based out of  Saraland, Alabama.  They carry a whole slew of cool packaging products, mostly rice, corn meal, grits, and dried beans.  See their website for their whole line of 'eye candy'!

Dixie Lily is sold only in the southeast US.  Sunflower doesn't have a map on their site of where it can be purchased but they have a 'contact us' deal for more information.

I would love to go on a tour of each of these companies.  I'd sneak over to the rolls of plastic bags from Dixie Lily's affiliate China Doll or Southern Charm and grab enough to wall paper my kitchen walls!

I have never seen the Southern Charm food products anywhere.  I'll have to keep a look out.

Once I find them I will be throwing a big pinto bean party!


Jenn said...

Some good looking recipes on that Sunflower site, too! And you're right! The jingle is too cute!

my house is cuter than yours said...

I emailed Sunflower a couple of months back asking them who is singing the jingle and a bit more info on the history of the company but never heard back from them. I can hear in the jingle the singer mention her name, Brenda. I have looked it up as many different searches that I can come up but couldn't come up with more info. I did find an online newspaper from 1959 with a jingle contest where the winner won a service set for 8 of Roger's Silverware in a handsome tarnish proof chest. "Regular users of Sunflower corn meal mix and flour are familiar with the beautiful Roger's Silverware patterns because they save the free silverware coupons found in Sunflower bags.",1649425&hl=en

"Brenda" has got to be some kind of a big deal for her to mention her name in the song. I doubt this is just a housewife that won a jingle contest. This "Brenda" feels she is quite the expert on the matter of biscuits.

I also emailed Dixie Lily and they did write back thanking me for the kind comments about their products. I forgot to ask them where to find Southern Charm foods though.

I mostly wrote the emails to encourage them to continue using their cute food packaging so my grocery shopping trips can have the highlight of seeing them on the shelves!